attention, shoppers!

Well, my very first English post here.>.<
just wanna make sure you guys who`ve read this will definitely like the page.
(in case those "sorry,i'`m a banana"excuses came up.)-yes!abe i`m talking about u! XD

you all know that i LOVE discount and sales(typical aunty-minded).but even guys can`t resist
the joy of buying the same stuff but a cheaper price than others did, right.(look at My shopping tips and you`ll know how keen i`m a sales shopper!)

sales = a lot of aunty will be there. and going to sales probably make you one of them.

ultimate reason for my matured look.:P

sales = ultimate long queue. well,say good bye to those 3-inches high heels.(believe it or not!)

sales =try of luck. to be a great sales shopper, you gonna be lucky. some are lucky draws, some based on slogan you created, some are first-come-first-serve basis. we spent our time queuing,going through the traffic jam, and sometimes unable to grab a single item.:(

that`s why, we all love sales item, but not all of us are sales shopper.

and now,this group of smart people,probably all aunty uncle that loves sales,:P
come out of this brilliant idea.
the more we buy the more discount we get!
by Qmurate (accumulate) the number of buyers,we get exclusive discount that others wouldn`t get.;D

finally i don`t have to wait endlessly till year-end-sales,
and yeah,enjoying great deals without the hassles, sacrificing the 4-inches stilettos heels,make-up....
most importantly,i regain my 19-years-old look!
some of you might say,"i knew about this long time ago,but they were all in KL."
good news is, most of the deals by Qmurate is here in Penang.aka ho-chiak haven.:)

Rendezvous 5 course meal @ RM39 instead of RM87

67.4% off Deluxcious Spa Cuisine Super Value 3 in 1 (Facial + Massage + Dining) package @ RM49.90 instead of RM152.90

see,all deals at more than 50% discount.unfortunately,they all ended.

Grab these ongoing offer before they end again!

 D'grows Inn Cafe Fantastic 3 course value meal @ only RM12.90 nett (on-going offer)

The original RM14.85 package is only valid for lunch, but for QmuRate fans who purchase this coupon, you are entitled to enjoy this deal in both lunch and dinner.
 this is what i call PRIVILEGE via QMURATE! xD
anyway,do like this page here in qmurate facebook fans page!
unless you wanna challenge me to SPAM your wall until u like it! hehehe..
it`s very likely for me to do this k? mr ching wai lam is having a 24hours on call from his company,and i`m surrounded by a sea of unidentified italian/greek terms.i can sense the stress already.even it`s only week3.:(
so,yeah,spamming promoting Qmulate would be my latest hobby then.*evil grin*

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those who are in Penang, it`s all yours!
those who aren`t in Penang, you gonna go to penang one day(who knows?),so like them today!