The Doctor with Chanel

When i was choosing my career,
i thought that i can only choose EITHER ONE of them.

"all of you are future doctors, and you all shouldn`t look only at money,
by the way, doctors aren`t really earning that much."

they gave us an image that doctors are like superheros,
even we have the money,we should and must give it to the poor. 
it`s a good deed, isn`t it?
yes,if without the words "should","must".
imagine all those charity work that didn`t come sincerely from the heart.
that`s how we were thought in medical school.
As a fresher and super kia-si student,
May be i should let chanel slowy fade out of life.:(
And have the doctor look for the rest of my life. :( :(

but, someone showed me how naive i was with that thought.
A Doctor


The Pug Squeezer!

I thought that i couldn`t find another gal that love chanel as me.
I thought that I have to let go of the dream of buying high end apparels.

For the first time,
I`m happy to be wrong.:)

i discovered her blog yesterday and read almost half of her blog post already.-i must admit that i`m a talented stalker.XD 
 count How many Chanel she have in the picture....that`s not all!

Any science student will find her blog post to be familiar,
with "prelude","introduction" that often appear in a scientific report.
The difference was that the content is way more interesting. :P

This is how I found her blog.

The very generous Fashion Doctor aka. the pug squeezer offers a gift away for her readers.

Yes,It`s Chanel!
Yes, everyone of them!

The closing date for this lucky draw will be 12th July 2011
which is 5 days from now!

Good luck guys!


  1. Dear 口 丁 日 月 (presume you're also known as Koo Koon?),

    Thank you for this lovely introduction. It was very nicely and thoughtful written (especially the fact that you wrote it in English so that real bananas like me can understand).

    It is an interesting thought on the combination between medicine and fashion. Just out of curiosity, what level are you at in medicine? I presume you're based in Malaysian medical school? or IMU.....? (sorry, curious here).

    It's really nice to know someone from the same background and interest!

    Squeeze The Pug (aka Peh Sun)

  2. hi Peh Sun,
    yup i`m in IMU. first year medical student.:)
    I'm so happy and excited when I found your blog.haha.