Argh, Changes please.

I know, my blog need a serious change.=.=
The empty layout,
my profile picture,
the blog title,
the blog address,
the labels,
almost everything.

My banner disappear overnight.

this is how this tragedy happen:
I`ve used up the capacity in Picasa Web album,
what I need to do in order to add new photos is to delete the old one,
out of so many unused photos,
I deleted the banner.:(

Replace that with a scene taken at a random place, not far away from my house.
It used to be a really dirty, untidy place,
it still look like dungeon now,:P
It look so different in the photos!XD

they (Gossip Girls`s scene where Lily capture Rufus)
claim that if you have strong emotion on certain things,
the photos will be extraordinary.

don`t think this concept fit into the scene.

Another way of saying it is that
picture lies.

I prefer this one.:)
It happen to my portraits most of the time.:P


  1. try to use Flickr to upload ur photo, it wont compress ur photo, so the image turn out to be sharper n clearer :-p

  2. hahaha...d photo looks no diffrence 2 me...hahaha...not any better also though...hahaha...

  3. yo,u have to view it in an artistic way!hahahah