a make up

this one seem like a commercial for the watch.:P
I know, the previous post is very horrifying.
Undoubtedly it was really fun,
it ruined my image(Do i really have one?hmm..) so badly that Wai Lam have to send me a warning.-.- 

did a heavy make up that i always wanted to try.
I always have this urged of putting on super-thick make up when i`m stress.XD

I don`t really have any specific technique for heavy make up,
as i`m still using the brown eye shadow and liner,
the only difference is the amount used.
apparently my heavy and light make up are still the same. -.-

you know what,
after putting up layers over layers of "painting" on my face,

the plan cancelled.
remove layers by layers again after the camwhore.
obviously not everyone that have V-shaped face will look as good as angelababy.XD

I know this is kinda lame,
My brother forced me to do this.
Blame him please.

Proudly present,the so-called "headless photos".

HE don`t have an eye?

Black and white is the best concealer ever!

neeehh,i still prefer myself in this way!