First pay out from Nuffang

Got my first pay out from Nuffang.
RM 103, after 6 months.
well,not a lot, but definitely better than none.

to be honest,i wouldn`t start this blog if there`s no monetary benefit.
i believe a lot of the bloggers started with this motive,
sooner or later we realized that it`s not easy to earn a single penny,
some of us drop out, some continue.
may be they found blogging a habit that they couldn`t resist.
may be, they hope that their persistence would reward them a little bit more.

i tried, ways after ways to increase my earning.

at first i started with Chinese, a language that i miss so much after studying A-level.
I remembered the praise from Chinese teacher,friends as well.
I decided to do it again,here, with this blog.
ya, i got a few readers, whom i appreciated very much,
but it still felt below my expectation.:(
either no one else like my style of writing like those secondary school besties ,
or i lost my writing skill after 2 years.
some of the blog posts in this period:

i changed my direction,
something interesting than those emo post. 
perhaps my own story? i do think that`s interesting.:) 
*my favourite`s*嘘。。。我有一个秘密要和你讲。。。

sometimes even my siblings have to share their stories too.XD

as a reader of some fashion bloggers like chessie, xiaxue, isabella and chuckei,
i shifted my blogging style unconsciously.:P
lots of camwhore.but the stats drop?hmm..

this is what i do out of desperation.

finally, i decided to focus to my inborn skill-- eating!
Best tiramisu ever!@Shook!

That`s why I try to create a *NEW* food blog to increase the hits.
it`s currently abandoned under regular maintainence .

and ya, that`s how i earn my better than none RM 103.XD