The Twilight Saga

okay, i know, should have get over these few years ago.
still, after re-reading the series,
even though i know the storyline better than my own sadistic history,
it's still hurt to take my eyes off the unfinished novel.

I did watch the twilight saga movie, though the books are thousand if not billion times better.
I still waited, eagerly for the up coming 'breaking dawn'.


when is midnight sun coming out?
 it`s definitely something more intriguing than robbin's pathology.

gasping for air when I've finished the second life of bree tanner.
how long do i have to wait before the next book could caught my sight as twilight saga do.
If you`ve not been a twilight fan, you probably have no idea what i'm crapping here.XD

people don`t understand why i`ve this special fond on those immortal vampires.
not that i`m asking for their understanding, i've no idea how this series made such a hurdle in my life.

argh, can`t wait for the breaking dawn premier in Malaysia.

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